Printing Industry Is Just Too Big

Believe or not, but the printing industry is just too big. In this article we can come to know the facts and figures which surely will make things clearer to us. On the basis of them, we would certainly be able to realize the significance of printing industry for all other industries.

Printing in Dubai

It surely is the only corporation on which every other industry is depending. Have a look at the stats of the world’s largest industries such as gaming, music and online advertisement.

  • The gaming industry annual worth is around $33 Billion.
  • On music industry total $67 Billion are spent yearly.
  • Whereas on the online advertisements, total $47 Billion are spent.

These are the stats and figures of the world largest industries. Now let’s come to the printing corporation, you know that in this whole industry total 670 Billion is spent on a yearly basis. It includes every type of printing from small to large scale. As all other businesses depend on it for the purpose of advertisement, etc. So that’s why, the printing in Dubai and all around the world has its own significance and value. We cannot deny the fact that this industry is just too big, work wise and also the total revenue spent in this business on a yearly basis.


Some facts and Figures about Printing Business:

  • Only on prints $640 Billion is spent, but when we combine the other print related services also then the total amount becomes 3.8 Trillion.
  • The facts also suggest that total 28 Million cards are printed on a daily basis.
  • The total number of pages printed annually are, 45 Trillion pages.
  • The 3.5 Million jobs in the USA depend on printed direct mails.
  • The non-profit organizations bring 78% of their donations through printed mails.
  • 1 Million Printers are manufactured daily, combined on the commercial and consumer level.

So just look at the numbers related and associated with this business. That are just too devastating and huge, we can now imagine how large and vast this industry is and how much importance and significance, does it have.

By having a look at all the figures and facts mentioned above, we certainly can’t deny the vastness of the printing corporations. The need of the Printing in Dubai and all around the world is equally important and valuable for all, from small business niches to large ones. That need had just put a foot on the accelerator for this industry and without any doubt, it is the largest corporation of the world.


Everything You Want To Know About Digital Photography

If you are a rookie to digital printing, then there are few things you must know. When you know the merits and limitations of digital photo printing, only then you can get the best results.

Digital Photography

A simple guidance:-

Here’s a simple guidance for you about digital photo printing:

  • Editing is must:-

You may need to edit your photos a little bit in order to get the best results. You need to fix the photograph issues like red eye, light orb. You must take the time to fix the photo issues to get better results. You can edit your photos using any software. Each software has different functions for fixing these issues.

  • Camera quality:-

The type of camera you are using will have a great impact on the final output for photo printing. The latest cameras have higher pixels or resolutions to produce best quality pictures. Best digital printing Dubai companies provide great quality pictures as they are using the latest cameras.

Digital Printing Dubai

Mobile phones, old cameras, and webcams may not have a high resolution to get better picture results. It is advisable to use a camera that has at least 6-megapixel resolution. 16 megapixels is ideal.

  • Right scanner:-

It is better to use the better quality scanner in order to scan old photographs. Again, the resolution that the scanner can produce will have a great impact on the final output. It is better to use a flatbed scanner to avoid the risk of images to be torn.

  • Remove unwanted photos:-

When you are using digital printing service, you have a control over which pictures to be selected or not. It is a simple and economical way to get control over which pictures do and do not get printed. It is better to put all of your photos into a single folder. Then, you can go through them all and find which ones you don’t want to be printed. Arranging photos will help you to print them at once.

  • Uploading:-

In order to print your photos, you need to upload them to their website. Most services will provide you secure account area where your images are saved. You can then arrange the pictures and decide how many pictures you want to print.

  • Cropping:-

Remove any distractions in the pictures, so that they look great. Viewers automatically focus on the intersections, so try putting a subject’s eyes along the top line. And keep it a little off-centre. Too much balance is boring.

Final words:-

Always choose the best digital printing Dubai Company that has a good reputation in the market. You can also look for the company online.

Why Demand Of Packaging Companies Has Increased Drastically?

The wrapping of products is considered an essential thing in this era. We hardly find a product in the market for consumers use, without packaging. It is certainly considered as one of the important safety measures. And in this era the products without it have no sale at all, because the health precautionary measures are compromised.

Packaging Companies in UAE

The other aim of packaging is to protect the product, apart from it the information and marketing benefits are also availed from it. Some of the common materials used for the purpose of package by the packaging companies in UAE are boxes, plastic, wrappers, bags and cartons etc. These all are very commonly used for this purpose. Benefits of packaging are numerous and that’s why, their demand has increased so much over the last decade.

Benefits of Packaging

As soon as people came to know the usefulness and the health benefits of the packed items, their focus shifted toward them. Let’s discuss some really common reason behind the drastic increase in the demand of the packaging companies.


The basic benefit which packaging provides is the protection. The goods remain safe from any type of external damage that could be caused during import, export and compression because of any physical cause.

Protection and Packaging


The packaging also provides the information about the product inside it. The information may be about the product ingredients, its manufacturing company, its benefits, its price or something else.


A number of similar products can be contained inside one single particular box, bag or pack. Sometimes you can’t just put every product in a different container or pack. So at that time this method really helps a great deal.

Less Cost

They are not a burden on someone’s pocket. The use of lesser than less plastic and carton is in focus, so that makes them loss costly.


The products in the colorful packaging feels really attractive. Your consumers are automatically attracted towards it. Hence, your sales improve drastically. It is human psycho that they purchase the bright and colorful things more often. So it also plays a vital part in the whole process of increased sales.

Packaging and Attraction

These are some of the reasons behind the high demand of packaging companies in UAE. Not only in the UAE, but all across the world we can see that packaging is used more often because of its above mentioned benefits.